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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Legalize marijuana...

I don't see why its still illegal. By making it legal, we would be saving millions that would otherwise go to keeping people who smoked the drug in jail, failed prevention programs, and police resources. Prohibition of the drug has failed for the last 75 years and has been based on untrue statements and research by the government. In actuality, alcohol is worse for you than marijuana, and it is impossible to die from overdosing on marijuana. If legalized, it would not only generate possibly billions from tax revenue to help economy and government's financial troubles, but it would severely weaken the drug cartels that the government is in pursuit of in the first place. In california there is a new proposition that if passed would legalize pot. Do some researching and thinking for yourself rather than just being another sheep and believing what the government says without a second thought. Yes on prop 19!


  1. We should make it legal so stoners will finally shut the fuck up about it.

  2. this is definitely a discussion we as society should be having, but I'm not sure legalizing speaks well to the character of society.