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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

News on 2014 M3

Reports say BMW is switching the m3 model naming from eXX (i.e. e92 m3) to fXX (i.e. f30 m3). As such, the new m3 will be called the f30 m3. It has been confirmed that BMW is transitioning back into a 6 cylinder engine for the car, having used a naturally aspirated 4.0L V8 in the e92. BMW has always engineered incredible, powerful, and high revving engines for the m3, such as the I6 e46 m3 ( personal favorite). However, m3 will not be basing the engine off of the e46, and some speculated a possible v6, but seems as though BMW will be pushing for a turbo I6 engine possibly like the current N55 engine in the 135i. Since it is still years from being released, these are just some of the few details on the new m3.

1 comment:

  1. Hmm, i heard that the new 1 series will be only 2800 pounds, with turbo..practically an STI you know? Power to weight it is looking to be almost as fast as e92, so the new m3 (which will be faster) will also look to be even quicker! I like the e46 m3 too lol, laguna seca is sick!