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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hockey Rant

Hockey season under way now. Some surprises are the Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Islanders doing pretty well in the East. In the West Nashville and Dallas are performing well. Unfortunately for New Jersey they have major salary cap issues and Kovy isn't living up to his expensive contract so far, hence are struggling in the standings.

Ducks have been picking up their game after a disappointing 3 game road trip that began the season. They should have won the game at home vs the islander's but the dreaded 2 goal lead loss struck again. In detroit the biased officiating seemed to make the difference in the most recent loss, which easily could have gone either way. Overall the Ducks went 2-2-0 over this last road trip. With Sutton out with a broken finger, the ducks defense isn't at its full force quite yet, the addition of another top pairing defenseman would help. Unfortunately fowler and sexton are still scratches with their broken noses, but fowler is expected to stay on the roster this season.

More later..


  1. i think nj is dealing with some key injuries, they should be able to catch up

  2. yea i know, i'll be there at the game haha

  3. Ducks should look at souray, although i think he got injured recently, would be nice if neidermayer came back middle fingers raised haha