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Monday, October 25, 2010

Weight reduction tips

If you are planning on taking your car to the track, then increasing the power to weight ratio and bettering handling is important to increase performance. You can also strip some weight to increase fuel economy. Some of the main things are to:

remove your spare - 30 lbs
remove your AC - 45 lbs
get lightweight racing seats - 40-50 lbs
remove back seats and mountings - 55 lbs
get a lighter exhaust - 50-70 lbs
get a lightweight battery - 20 lbs
get lightweight wheels - 40-50 lbs
carbon fiber hood - 40 lbs

more can be done of course, but then you then you are sacrificing comfort for weight, and of course take out unneeded sports equipment, cd cases, luggage, etc


  1. wow, those really start to add up! too bad a lot of them will cost more to get exchanged than the savings in gas, but good list nonetheless

  2. adding a turbo is helpful too, increases power without adding weight

  3. oh yea, super/turbo chargers are good, but i was just focusing on weight xD